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Does tfmpage require an anti-bashing censor board ? Does tfmpage require an anti-bashing censor board ?

Topic started by Krishnakumar (@ on Sun Jan 10 11:26:00 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I have already mentioned this in the ARR Interview topic. Can we proceed and talk about tfm without hurting others sentiments. Can we not stop talking about the inabilities of
MD's. I'm sure that everyone of us have seen our fav. MD getting thrased about.
Can't we just talk about the plus points of MD's. Can the Tfm organizers do something
about this, or are they pretty happy with the publicity this 'Debate ring' draws. The sentence 'IMHO' seems to be everyones antidote to unhealthy criticism. Ofcourse
such a censoring would mean that I can't tell MD 'X's fan that he lifted tunes... just because I know it, and I am the 'Know all' man !. I'd be happy not talking about such stuff. Lets not force our ideas upon others. Let people decide for themself. Infact we should make use of the forums popularity to point fingers at biased 'Top 10' shows that give the public themself a totally wrong idea of what they like ! This could go on
.. but what say everybody ?


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