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Sundal a dish or payiru? "Sundal" a dish or payiru?

Topic started by KS (@ on Thu Oct 21 16:04:00 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

During "Navaraathri"days this issue came up.

My friend says "sundal" is a dish and the varieties goes like kondakkadalai sundal, pattaani sundal, pachappayiru sundal etc.

My understanding is Sundalpayiru or sundakkadalai is a payiru which is also called kondakkadalai in some areas. At first this dish might have done with sundalkadalai and the dish itself named "sundal".

sundakkadalai may have another name kondakkadalai like kothamalli and dhania.

Thamizh vattaara mozhiyil pulamai iruppavargal, ungal karuththukkalai anuppungal.


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