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PROJECT - TFM Hall of Fame PROJECT - TFM Hall of Fame

Topic started by rajaG (@ on Wed May 19 17:52:36 EDT 1999.
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One of the fantastic things which Americans excel in is the area of Marketing and Promotion. Due recognition goes hand in hand with this concept. When it comes to die-hard fans, I am sure TFM fans are second to none. If the participation and passion in the DF is of any indication of average TFM fan, then I am convinced that I am correct in my assesment.

What I am proposing now is combining the Marketing/Recognition concept to the passion of the TFM fans to create something like a Hall of Fame for past and present legends of TFM.'I have a dream'- and my dream is that there is a place in Chennai where one can go to obtain, chronological history, compilation of lifetime works, achievements, audio samples of works, pictures etc. etc. which will be a great nostalgia trip for anybody. Obviously, eventually the project should pay for itself through revenue, sponsorships, etc. The annual entry into Hall of Fame could be a marketed event. These are just ideas. I am inviting the DFers to discuss and follow up.
Just imagine! In one section of the facility, you may find an actual handwritten draft with all the scratches and stets of IR's original score, or Kannadasan's lyrics. Udambu pullarikkiradhu!!!


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