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Exchange Tamil Film Music wav/mp3 Exchange Tamil Film Music wav/mp3

Topic started by Kannan (@ on Sun Aug 1 20:16:35 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

We can exchange tamil songs, if possible. Probably thru ICQ, MSN Messanger Service, or thru HTML uploading. Better to be wav files/ MP3, rather than rm files, since rm files lose some music while compressing it. I am interested in Middle-age songs (80s & beginning of 90's) and Old songs. I have lots of 80's & 70's music.

I want songs like:
Pallava Naattu Rajakumarikku paruvam 18 (SPB)
Radha kAdhal varAdhA (SPB)
Athai madi methaiyadi (Movie: Karpagam)
Athai maganE pOy varavA ?
Sangathil paadatha kavithai angathil yaar thanthathu ?
Athai magaL rathinaththai Aththaan maRandhaaraa ?


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