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Hariharan-A Class Apart Hariharan-A Class Apart

Topic started by Anand (@ on Wed Mar 25 09:17:21 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I'm starting a new thread dedicated to Hariharan's versitility as a singer.
He is today ,by far the most wanted singer by the MD's.HIs golden voice got very late recognition after a very long period of 10-15 years.....but the good part is that he is now reaping the fruits of his efforts finally.
All his latest songs are big hits.
Here are a few Hariharan songs {in tamil movies} that I like.
1.Malargaley malargaley...(saraswathi)
2.Oru Mani Adittaal...
3.Telephone mani pol...(desh)
4.Uyireh Uyireh...
5.Manamey thotta chinungi..(shades of mohanam)
6.En Manadhai kollai adittavaley...(hamsadhwani)
7.Vidukadhayaa indha vaazhkai...(Ahirbhairavi)
8.Taj mahaaley...(kaanada)
9.Chandiranai Thottadhu yaar...
10.Ennai thaalatta varuvalo..(Keeravani)
11.Vennilavey Vennilavey....

Tell me more on Hariharan's songs..

Some other songs I like of his are from His album "Colonial Cousins"....

Hariharan has the uncanny ability to bring emotion(bhaavam) into his songs..which is what makes it great to listen to apart from the fact that it is rendered really beautifully,with due respect given to the gamakaas.


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