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Topic started by VERUTHUPONAVAN (@ on Sun Dec 13 15:43:01 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I think the time has come to do something about the menace that is DS RAMANUJAM, the film journalist or reviewer or whatever you call, who works for the Hindu. The way he misleads people about Raja's music in movies is just too much. In all his reviews, he somehow denigrates the calibre of raja. For example, in the review for the movie Talaimurai, he says Raja has recycled his old tunes. WHAT THE #@#@$#@$#@???
If you recall, years back, he'd written that the songs of Chinnathambi are just average!!!
And in his review of the movie "Sathileelavathi" he didn't even mention about the gem,"Rajanodu Rajan vanthu".
And he eulogises the "Creative Genius" and praises all his gana songs as "Foottapping Numbers", and his kuppai songs and even mentions the songs. It is really frustrating. He even wrote an article on Deva called "Lilting Tunes". First, I misread it as "Lifting Tunes" and thought that it would be a genuine article.
I just can't understand why this @#@@$@$@ isn't fired yet. Is it possible for all of us to send E-mails to THE HINDU explaining our anguish and anger against DSR? CAN WE DO SOMETHING FOR THESE KIND OF DETRACTORS??????
Please let me know about what you think.

PS: I'd highly appreciate the decency of the Raja-Haters to avoid ridiculing this forum.


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