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Piano Background in TFM Piano Background in TFM

Topic started by Naveen (@ on Sat Dec 18 02:23:21 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I'm just curious to have a list of Tamil film songs where Piano has played a major role.
Especially songs with good Piano vamping throught the song or attractive preludes and interludes.

A.M Raja used Acoustic Piano tremendously.. His styles are excellent. MSV, IR, ARR have used piano in many songs.

I can give you some samples..

1. Nilavum malarum paadudhu
2. Unnidam mayangugiren
3. Ellorum nalam vaazha
4. Enna Enna Vaarthaigazho
5. En vaanile
6. Punnagai mannan theme
7. Pootukkazh pottaalum
8. Hello Mr. Ethirkatchi
etc.. etc..

Could you guys pls. help me in finding out rare songs with a good piano background?



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