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North Indian composers in TFM North Indian composers in TFM

Topic started by Karthik S (@ on Thu Aug 31 23:33:57 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Well, as far as my memory's a small list...

R D Burman: Ulagam Piranthathu enakkaaga
Laxmi-Pyaare: Uyire Unakkaga, Ragasiya Police
Manoj-Gyan/Gyan-Verma - lots of 'em!

Uyire unakkaga was a success isnt it? at least the songs? How come nobody else dared to enter the southern market? Was it IR's absolute dominance (raajangham!)?

I feel this Manoj-Gyan/Gyan-Verma has been by far the most successful, with hits like senthoorapoove, another Viaykanth movie (the semmari aade song!), inaintha kaigal...anything else?

Who are these two anyway? Anymore news on them? What are they doing now?

And finally, is this song anywhere on the net (any format would do!)...its from senthoora poove, its a small song, sung in the movie while he's returning in a open horse carraige to his house...goes something like 'vaarango vaarango...'. I just love this number!



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