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RA format. a Techincal doubt RA format. a Techincal doubt

Topic started by muthax (@ on Mon Aug 3 13:22:19 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am trying my bit of tfm on the web, by hosting some song sites. I have a problem in downloading the ra song file to play from my site.
for eg to download and listen to one of my favourite songs in tfm "Ilamai enum poongatru" takes me around 3 mins 15 seconds. Whereas in many other sites i have seen them taking hardly few seconds to load to my raplayer.

I have briefly listed what all i did

1. Recorded this song to my pc in 16bit/mono wav file format from my cassette recorder.

2. I converted it to an rm file thru ra encoder.

3. i ftp'ed it to my host at geocities.

4. thru the html link i tried to play the song in my pc .
..brrrr.. it took my around 3 mins to load the song to my raplayer.

why so? where did i go wrong?
can anyone enlighten me here or thru email to

whats the difference between .rm and .ram files?


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