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ARR losing his talent? ARR losing his talent?

Topic started by oosai (@ on Wed Dec 19 16:13:04 EST 2001.
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Hey everyone,

I like to write to this forum every once in awhile, and here's my newest question: Is ARR losing his talent?

Here's my answer:

Although ARR is, in my opinion, someone who can break the mold with the occassionally great music, he is sinking fast!

Here are some of my complaints:

I hate the way he is signing up for a lot of movies. He apparently can't handle that stress and the amount of work it calls for. Although he may be able to write ten songs for Mani Ratnam or Shankar in one night, this means one of two things: (1) 9 of the songs will be horrible, or (2) songs for his other movies will suffer. Maybe he is in a slump this year because he has to write awesome tunes for "Bombay Dreams" and is therefore lacking songs for the tamil and hindi audiences.

I hate the fact that he is recycling tunes for his tamil/hindi movies. Even though some people justify this as saying that the directors are begging him for music and ASK him for old tunes, ARR should have the integrity NOT to do it. The movie director for "Jodi" and "Star" has asked for this, and i suppose so have the directors for "Pukar" and "Thakshak." All these movies have reused songs, and it personally makes me sick. ("Nayak" was a remake of the tamil "Mudhalvan," so reusing songs in this instance is ok) If he writes bad songs, at least he is being original and not just copying himself.

Have you listened to the songs in "Paarthale Paravasam"? Well--I don't know what many of you are talking about when you call them good music! I mean, who are we kidding? Almost all of the songs are complete stinkers! The only songs that I think are even frankly interesting are "Azhage Sugama" and the title song. Although the title song took a few listenings to, I ended up liking it--think of it as a guilty pleasure (I, personally, would never admit to liking that song in front of my friends or family--it would be too embarrassing). "Azahge Sugama" is strange because although I like it, it sounds like a million other songs that I've heard before.

So, is ARR losing his talent? May be not. He may just be in a slump to think up good songs. I mean, how many of you remember the year when he came out with "Ratchagan," "Jeans" and "Dil Se/Uyire"? I thought I was hearing music that would go into the history books as being the best indian music, ever! But, in that year, he only did like 3-4 movies. The past few years, I guess he has become more money-hungry and is going after nearly ten movies a year.

I think none of us want to admit that ARR is making bad songs. I know that I will get many responses to this post, but I think that in the back of your minds, you all agree with me--you just do not want to admit it. ARR has always been someone that I could've counted on for great music, but in the past few years, he hasn't been on a great streak.

He has grown old before his time, and hopefully, he can get out of the slump. Although a few of his recent songs can still be considered beauties (e.g. "Radha ke se na jale" from LAGAAN), most of them fit into the "forgettable" category.

I respect him, as I do Illayaraja, for all his past good musics, but.....would I listen to his music with the same awe? sadly, I must

Well, what do you all think?

(Please, none of us want to, nor should, see insults in this discussion group--just intelligent conversation, thank you)


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Author: Karthik1
Mon Dec 17 00:34:22 2001

An interesting posting by Karthik. What do you guys think?.


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