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Tired of Deva. Need someone like ManiSharma for TFM Tired of Deva. Need someone like ManiSharma for TFM

Topic started by Sangeetha (@ on Tue May 18 21:43:18 EDT 1999.
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Based on the Vairamuthu's logic, whoever MDing 40 films a year, out of which, at least 10 films will become hit that will leads that MD to be successful in the following year also.

Only exception for the above is ARR.

Deva is the only one who is utilizing this very well. At present he is scoring music for more than 40 films and keep accepting more offers. Regardless of his music producers are at the feet of Deva, because he is being the MD for Hit movies.

It was the case in Telugu Film Music until two years back. Keeravani was the only one who scored maximum no of movies, Ofcourse Keeravani never and ever should be compared with Deva, Now Manisharma a new arrival, has started giving many movies with good stuff.

For healthier TFM for these days, Picky ARR and IR would not be sufficient.


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