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Missing the Obvious ! Missing the Obvious !

Topic started by Anand Mahadevan (@ on Fri Feb 5 12:10:31 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Folks in India seem to miss the obvious when it comes to recognizing talents in Music.The creator is forgoten, sadly sidelined and the singer is taken to the pinnacle of glory.Composing is a thankless job and due recognition is not given.

In her post Padma Vibushan interview,Lata Mangeshkar rolls out a big list,from her parents to her friends who have been a source of encouragment to her during her illustrious career as a playback singer but apparently forgets that if not for naushad,Shankar Jaikishen,SDB et all,she is yet another mortal.The composer goes thru the process of creation and virtually hands over his baby to the singer for execution.The singer get all the accolades and infact even the song is labeled as a Lata song.When I see Lata's greatest hits tapes/CD in stores,I sometimes use to wonder wether the media has taken us for a ride.I am yet to see a naushad or SDB collection.
The same is the case in TFM.We can hardly see MSV or KVM greatest hit.We attribute the core of the song to the person who renders it as opposed to the composer.
Its good to see ARR listing instrument players as this will enable us to appreciate and recognize talents.
Interestingly, I quizzed a North Indian friend on the music director of "Hum Apke hain kaun" and he had absolutely no knowledge of a guy named "Ram lakshman(who happen to be the music directors)" but had all the songs of HAHK in his finger tips.
Are we missing the obvious here?Lata seems to be the biggest beneficiary of this orchestrated campaign.


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