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High selling prices of TFM CDs High selling prices of TFM CDs

Topic started by eden (@ on Mon Feb 22 00:08:28 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

After reading the IR financial crisis in a thread, I went to a CD shop (at Palakkad, Kerala) to buy at least one CD of IR. They said KK+MVU is available on a single CD for Rs 400. (The shop keeper offered a discount of 10% as this has not been selling for long and he is contemplating return to distributor). The price sounded absolute non-sense to me as both films' cassettes are available for a max. of Rs 80. Means, who is going to packet this additional money? It is not IR or any of the copy right owners. But some fellow who is greedy of who can't produce CDs at affordable cost. (same shop sells T series CDs for 75-80 bucks, even a low qty market like malayalam film CDs sell at around 200).

We all know that the CD media is cheap; designer's don't charge much money (as the cassette prices show). Then the only possible reasons are:
a) High eqpt cost with very low ROI. This can be made better only with large vol. sales which again points to lowering of prices. (Vicious cycle)
b) Greed - nothing can be done about it.

Friends, it's high time some influential person takes up this issue so that the standard of an average listener of TFM goes up!


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