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Impact of TFM on other communities Impact of TFM on other communities

Topic started by Nirupama (@ on Fri Jul 24 00:46:10 EDT 1998.
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Ravi: Thanks for your prompt response. With your suggestion, I am starting this new thread.

Hi Friends,

I'm Nirupama from Vancouver, Canada. Since I visit this site quite often and have found out your passion for tamil film music, I thought this bit of information will be interesting for you.

With a help of a friend who hosts a hindi show on radio, I started my own radio show for tamil film music. Since there are no other tamil radio shows in Vancouver, I thought tamils living here might appreciate this. But to my surprise, I received many calls from non-tamils(White Canadians, etc) inquiring about this strange yet wonderful eastern(or fusion, rather) music. The show is only three-weeks old, and every week I've been getting these phone calls. I've described this type of music to the best of my abilities, but still their curiosity is overwhelming.

Some of their comments in their own words are:
"Hey, I love this music! What is it called?" , "This is great! Where is it from?" , "I like traditional Indian music, but what you're playing sounds very interesting!" Some even asked me for the film and song names.

In order to find out more about their music preferences, I tried playing songs from different periods, styles etc. What do guys think about this? Any guesses on whose music style or what type of tamil film music they like?? I'll talk more about that later.....



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