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songs that change track songs that change track

Topic started by cram (@ on Thu Nov 19 09:44:08 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

hi folks.
was watching a song from vanjikkottai valiban that goes "raja magaL roka malaR". something that struck me about the song was that it starts off in an arabic-sounding way and then suddenly u have "thappi oadathe thangame", pure local. what i am looking for is such songs, if there are indeed many. one song that belongs in this category is "maasila nilave nam kaathalai magizhvodu" that suddenly travels at 5kmph "anbe, inbam, enge, inge,lalalalalala". another is "oru naaL pothuma".
hope this thread doesn't become fodder for dlkjhdsdfshlhk.


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