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ARR, IR versus Ravindra Jain, V Kumar and MSV ARR, IR versus Ravindra Jain, V Kumar and MSV

Topic started by Raja Fan (@ on Thu Apr 1 23:13:15 EST 1999.
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There are two parties claiming that IR is the best/ARR is the best. Recently, I got hold of some Ravindar Jain and VKumar cassettes. These composers are just too perfect in their creations. They have the consistency of MSV and if you notice RJ has got superior interludes than IR and songs like MSV or VK, which means RJ's greatest hits have more surprises and twists than IR. To compare ARR to these giants will be a mistake. But only one good thing about ARR, he set a new style in composing, just like RJ. Can we continue this comparison business and see where it goes? Does ARR really deserve all the credit and success, when the revolution he brings is nothing compared to what RJ, VK? And, does IR also deserve so much praise for his compositions which if not for his style of interludes does not match with the more appealing and enjoyable by a larger all india audience type of super melodies of RJ? Here I think we should analyse why IR could not appeal to a all India audience like RJ and how ARR does not deserve the attention of all India. In other words, why could not IR succeed all India and could IR have achieved that success. Name a few songs that could have been enjoyed by an allIndia audience. Likewise ARR, tell truthfully, which songs of his really deserved a comparison with the hihges levels of Indina film composers.


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