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Topic started by SHYAM SUNDAR (@ on Fri May 11 02:35:58 EDT 2001.
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dear dfers,songs in the kannada film usire music by raaja are really doing very well as usual in karnataka,they are selling like hotcakes,music released by hmv and starring ravichandran.believe me kjyesudas,spb and chitra sound just like they used to 10 years ago,i myself could not believeit,amazing ,but there is a marked change in their renditions in tfm what could be the reason iam puzzled i love all good music ,iam sure raaja extracts the best as usual from his singers,this album has no electronic gizmos friends it is real natural unplugged sort of folk music,here in tfm the style brought by arr as you all are proud to say is corrupt,all arr's singers say they are free to sing with their own modulations and these songs become hits,but with time these songs sure lose the composer's forte and are boring to listen,this doesnot happen with songs of msv kvm and raaja,friends listen to true music feel the change all these techno stuff are fads,every time i listen to tfm other than raaja's.i have a deja vu feeling all arr's compositions are plagiarised no need tomention deva and others,why should we make copies into hits ,if we reject copies and listen to original versions we are doing good for the music industrey as a whole ,iam not only referring to tfm be it western music,instead oh listening to osona by deva in vaali why should'nt we buy a cassette of art companies susanna and listen it will give more joy and the original artiste will benefit from our purchase as royalty wherein he will make better music,my plea to all of you here is please choose original music donot only buy pirated m'cs,cd's also do not buy and listen to plagiarised music,kindly note:IAM COMING WITH THIS MESSAGE IN A BIG WAY ON TV ,RADIO ,MAGZ ANDALSO INTERNET,THANKS FOR YOUR TIME IF YOU FEEL I'M RIGHT ,WE ALL WILL BE A HAPPY LOT AS WE WHERE IN THE 70'S&80'S.THANKS,BYE SEE YOU SOON...


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