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IR vs ARR -- Imagining how would IR Compose a ARR Song and Viceversa IR vs ARR -- Imagining how would IR Compose a ARR Song and Viceversa

Topic started by Dorairaj Pichaiyan (@ on Fri Oct 29 12:13:19 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I use to wonder when I listen to an IR's songs like "Kalaivaniyee... from sindhubairav", how would ARR compose the same song. The answer I got
myself is probably the "Marghazi Thingal from Sangaman." Similarly when I think of "Ore Naal Unai Naan Nelavil Parthadhu.." song of IR, I think of "Vennilave Vennillave...from Minsara Kanavu" of IR

But I feel that there are some unique songs like "Sorgame Enrallum...", "Poomalaye...Thollserava.." "SonthamVandhadhu..Vandhadhu...". "Mannil Entha...", "PovOma...Urkolam..." which I find it very difficult to find an equivalent or a derivative of it by ARR. On similar grounds, I find it difficult to find an IR equivalent of "Malargalee...Malargalee...", "Putham Pudhu Boome Vendum...", "Thee...Thee. Thithikum Tee" (esp the style of his composing mixing Carnatic Swarams in Pop music).

I would like your opinions and view to felicitate this thread.


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