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'Converts' from IR/KR to ARR and ARR to IR/KR Anyone? Why did you change or accept? 'Converts' from IR/KR to ARR and ARR to IR/KR Anyone? Why did you change or accept?

Topic started by Music is not dead (@ on Sun May 20 02:54:43 EDT 2001.
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I am beginning to appreciate ARRs music recently. Formerly i was biased against him because of the contrived nature of the tunes, lack of meaningful preludes and interludes, lack of surprise elements in the songs 'n lack of melody. now with mudhalvan, rhtym, etc. this guy has matured dramatically. i am beginning to appreciate ARRs music over IRs for just one reason only. ARR is a genius in creating 'Musicals', just amazes me. (no wonder Weber has taken on rahman.) Plus, it is a music you can listen with any pretentious sophisticate around you. IRs you have to have folksy people with you. Sophisticates and city breds generally shy away. IR has not ventured into 'Musicals' arena at all. Or, am I wrong? But, the flavor does not last long, whereas IR captivates me forever just for the sheer variety and character of the tunes.

bottomline, my prejudice to rahman's music is fading as i see him give very powerful tunes (without being melodious, which is not palatable to today's mod audience) his 'musicals' though not lasting music has gone to prove that interludes and preludes are distractions and songs can be made without those and find a massive audience. Not to say that we must have IR stop preludes and interludes, man there is only one god of music and that is still IR. But, ARR is getting closer to the heavens.

Anyone changed from IR/Kr to ARR and begun to accept after having a bias for a long time? Vice versa?


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