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Vanijayaram - The most neglected singer. Vanijayaram - The most neglected singer.

Topic started by V. Balaji (@ on Fri Aug 20 10:55:02 EDT 1999.
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Vanijayaram(VJ) who has sung in all Inidan Languages (very few have done that), and some wonderful songs in the four South Inidan Languages is sadly the most neglected singer in the film industry.
After being shunned by Hindi Filmwallas due to Lata's pressure, this excellent singer did a wonderful job in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films , thanks to the likes of MSV, KV, Vijaya Bhaskar etc.
Though some industry wallas felt SJ has more versatality than VJ, there were others like KV who were ready to vouche the opposite.
She was blamed of belittling IR's greatness and was often chosen by IR only in the absence of other singers or due to Director's pressure.
(Example, Sridhar's pressure led to Illamai OOnjaladugirathu, Azhage...; SJ's brief exit in 1985 to Hindi led IR to offer VJ with some good songs).
VJ has often answered that she never commented nor felt that IR is not a genius. However the stigma still remains. Sadly she was the choice of the mediocres like Sankar Ganesh & Chandrabose in the 80s.

The politics in the film industry has forced her to hybernation and she seems to be busy with her recording company.

I feel she still has the energy to render her voice to film songs; but alas the MDs do not feel so. Even in this forum hardly we see mention of this great singer, while all the accolades for the great female singer always go to SJ, PS or Chitra.
(No doubt, the above three are very very good singers.)

I would like to know if she has sung any film song lately

Any comments, for or agianst, would be appreciated.

V. Balaji


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