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Is IR is the first asian to score symphony Is IR is the first asian to score symphony

Topic started by e.hari (@ on Mon Mar 9 01:20:56 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Recently I saw a program in CNN, about a hongkong composer, who composed a symphony. Sony was relesing it. Even today in NJ local paper, carried an article on other chinese composer, who is
releasing a symphony. Guess what, it is also sony.

I dont know whether people who said that IR is
the first asian, have done their home work properly. Anyhow I have fed up seeing this, and
it is so sad to see IR and his royal fans concentrating on annan and tambi songs, instead of
real thing.
IR should have used Bangalore Miss world function to premiere part of his symphony. I wonder why
cant go and ask for a time slot in a program like
filmfare or other important programs and premiere
his symphony in little pieces, just to get people
attention. After all symphony sound should be universal, and what is the wrong in creating some media hype. Even the popular stars like madona needs promos and hype for their new releases.
IT is the high time for IR to hire some media
promotors, if he is really thinking of doing some
thing with his symphony. Otherwise it will end up
like NBW or HTNI, no one in north of Kummdipundi will ever get a chance to hear it.


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