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Keeravani get best MD award (National) for Annamayya. Why not Guru Keeravani get best MD award (National) for Annamayya. Why not "Guru"

Topic started by S.Suresh (@ on Mon May 11 01:27:46 EDT 1998.
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I was surprised to find that Keeravani has been awarded the best MD (National Awards). I was thinking all along that the best music to come out in 1997 was "Guru". Not b'cause I like IR but the music is very involved. Lot of effort has gone into it. I have heard the music of Annamayya and it is OK at best. Maybe the committe decided to give the award to some movie which has a classical base. BTW, Guru was also not given the best MD even when Kerala State announce the awards. Guru got some other awards in Kerala but not music. Any reactions.


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