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Sujatha and Chitra, who is better? Sujatha and Chitra, who is better?

Topic started by Murali Sankar/Swarapriyan (@ on Fri Sep 11 15:23:51 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Of late Sujatha seems to figure in a number of songs of TFM like "Poovukkul Nuzhiandirukkum","Minnaram Maanathu (from Guru)", "Meetadha Oru veenai". She seems to be the pick of the directors now. It is likely that many of us know that she was introduced to IR by KJ and was extensively used in the early phases of IR himself (when she was juvenile). some examples - "Kaadhal Oviyam Kandaen Kanavo", "Kaalaippaniyil". In this thread i would like to invite arguemnts about the quality of these singers.


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