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hello,...wake up hello,...wake up

Topic started by lara (@ on Tue May 18 18:40:32 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

>Friends, > >For 50 years our country was being saved from the dirty politicians.Now it is going to be
>sold. > >This is some information on prospective PM of India - Sonia Gandhi
that >every Indian and at least every India lover must know. >
>1. Sonia Gandhi is ONLY a high school graduate. CambridgeUniversity
>has confirmed that they have no Sonia Maino on their alumni list. >
>2. She worked as an au-pair maid in UK while taking classes to learn
>English in some no name school. >
>3. During the 1971 war, while all Indians stood ready to fight forthe
>Indian cause Sonia Maino and her husband Rajiv Gandhi went onvacation
>in Italy > >4. In 1977, when Indira Gandhi and Congress lost elections, Sonia
>Gandhi with her children and husband in tow took refuge of Italian
>embassy in New Delhi and Indira Gandhi, Sanjay and his Indian wife
>Maneka had to convince her to return. >
>5. Sonia married Rajiv in 1968 and was eligible to become Indian
>citizen 5 years later yet she did NOT become Indian citizen till1984
>(i.e. 16 years after her marriage). This late bloom of Sonia's lovefor
>India also was out of political consideration. In 1984, Rajiv, washeir
>apparent and most likely next Prime Minister. It would be awkwardfor a
>PM to have a foreigner wife. Voila, Sonia became an Indian overnight >
>6. Should Sonia Gandhi become Prime Minister, her relatives in Italy
>would be fully entitled to round-the-clock protection by the BlackCat
>commandos at the Indian taxpayer's expense. >
>7 Her sister, Nadia Mario, reached New Delhi, after Vajpayee govt.
>fell, to be by her side amidst reports that she might soon become
>India's Prime minister. >
>8. She has not given a single interview or offered any ideas on a
>single issue facing India now. Her qualification is that shemarried a
>Gandhi. No newspaper has taken up the issue; no party is opposingthis.
>People are falling in line as if this is nothing unusual. Have we
>forgotten history, it was this Indian passiveness that led to India
>becoming a British slave. >
>9. A Nuclear Weapons state, the biggest democracy on planet and a
>foreigner will walk in to the highest office without havingcontested
>an election, without having ever talked to the media on any issueas if
>it were a piece of cake. Are we going to witness this mockery ofIndian
>State, are we really a bunch of such slaves who, despite freedom of
>speech will not speak out. Do we need another round of 'Civilizing'?
>Any Basu, any Mulayam, born in the heat and dust of Indiapreferable to
>the 'Senora' as our leader. >
>10. Western governments are enjoying the show. They know that they
>cannot "get into" a Congress government led by someone independentlike
>Narsimha Rao or any BJP government, as they do with other countrieswho
>depend on them for economic aid and military support. All theyneed is
>that benign bias in their favour. Just a few months more and theyare
>there. Never before will they have had the chance to control Indiaas
>they will now do. > > >Please forward this to every Indian you know. >


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