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List of all TF songs in unique/unconventional pattern or structure List of all TF songs in unique/unconventional pattern or structure

Topic started by Raja Fan (@ on Fri Jul 30 02:47:08 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Indian films generate nearly 3,500 songs each year, almost all of them in the same pattern: Instrumental or vocal prelude ->First stanza or Pallavi and Anu Pallavi ->First instrumental/vocal/choral interlude -> Second stanza or Charanam and Anu Pallavi -> rarely some humming or instrumental round-up -> back to First stanza -> Second interlude -> repeat of Second Stanza with different lyrics -> back to First stanza. Really a worn-out structure and only very rarely have some ingenious compositions were produced. I begin this thread listing out few I remember as breakthrough or unconventional compositions that should have paved way for more breathtaking and unpredictable patterns like in the Sound of Music. Anyway, the following are my initial list and request everyone to complete this list with what you all came across:

1. India naadu Naam veedu ( so many different movements or stanzas that I have never heard a song ever in this pattern. This is why MSV is probably 10 times ahead of IR as per SPB and I agree.)

2. Oru Raja Raniyidam (4 different interludes and 4 different second stanzas. Only possible by MSV. See the songs MSV gave Sivaji!)

3. Yengum Niraindha Iyarkayin (2 different charanams and a very peculiar second stanza. Easily one of IR's and Indian film's most dramatic compositions.)

4. Yengey Endhan Kadhali (IR's unbeatable pattern a predecessor to what our ARR says that his the first attempt at that structure in the Maanamadurai MaamarathidayileY. Hey, ARR, Raja was already there, buddy! Technically, only the likes of Geetha or Srikanth, Srinath, rajaG or Ramani can explain the shift in the scales)

5. That brings us to Maanamadura..... (Kudos to ARR for making the pattern to make it more Tamil folk)

6. Strawberry Kanne (I am very pleased with this song as ARR has brought the Sound of Music songs touch for the first time in Indian films. This pattern is very dignified and sophisticated. Has IR or MSV done any songs in this structure?

Please help in pointing out more of such songs.


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