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ARR, KR, IR: Longer/slower smooth flowing introspective melody lines vs. short/fast and sentimental melodies and many rhythm changes ARR, KR, IR: Longer/slower smooth flowing introspective melody lines vs. short/fast and sentimental melodies and many rhythm changes

Topic started by Raja Fan (Forever) (@ on Fri May 14 22:23:39 EDT 1999.
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The secret for musical success in the 90s and beyond as the future listeners are more savvy, discerning and urbane!

This is a serious topic for the fact that this are the secrets of ARRs success. I am taking off from two important observations in two other threads that went unnoticed by many of you. (I have to get the names of those great music lovers in this forum.) Very good observations.

1. IR has followed 99% of the time: Prelude + (short and algorithmic bridge type)pallavi + interlude + (sentimental and jumpy) charanam. (It has got boring and predictable and out of fashion. What is new about it anymore.) ARR is trying hard to change that pattern...
In my opinion he has succeeded in Minsara kanavu, En Swasa Kaatre and Kadhalar Dhinam. Unbeatable compositions

2. ARRs swaras are longer and slower. This is ARR's secret for success. Less focus on interludes (first of all his strenght is his melody and he has not content for interludes. work fine surprisingly) People want to sing not imagine the interludes. Interludes and preludes probably will go out of fashion the way ARR had given great emphasis on traditional instruments and longer melody lines.

3. My own observation: Because of longer melody lines, people like to sing openly with other people, longer and slower melody lines appear to be more complete, less sentimental and can be sung by groups of people at all levels. No one is shy to sing a ARR song in public or even at corporate parties, examples of places where people are very conscious and can put on airs. Would anyone in the snobbish crowd sing a IR or anyone else's song. They would sing a ARR sing.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, because this is why IRs songs are probably going out of fashion with the younger crowd. And, IRs belief is that until he conquers all of music, he will not stop. So, he has still not conquered music and Thank God which means IR will not give up that easily. I hope IR or KR gets to read this and understand this important criticism.

In conclusion, I was listening to KR's extraordinary composition Laila Laila from Kaadhal Kavidhai. Astounding, but still it is so racy and erratic. If he had made it slower and with a steady rhythm this song would have been a super world song. What a fantastic composition. This point also goes to IRs early recent compositions. Too jerky, too many rhythms and too fast as I have state in another thread. Can we just tear to pieces some of IRs and KRs songs and also highlight how they could have been better if they slowed the numbers down. Also, please talk about ARRs melody lines. I think we are getting back to the pre-IR days and mridangam. ARR is simply emulating MSV!!!!! He started off by imitating IR (which is why I did not like his jerky songs) but now it is MSV.

This will be very enlightening and educative for future composers in this forum too!!!


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