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Best of IR - 1998 Best of IR - 1998

Topic started by Krishna (@ on Thu Dec 31 15:41:10 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

In this thread, I will list what I consider to be great songs of IR in 1998 (ranked in order of my preference). Contrary to what IR detractors would like you to believe, you'll see Raja has done great work in '98 being his usual self: brilliant, innovative, versatile and unmatched.

For my fellow IR fans, lets not be apologetic about'll see by the sheer number of great compositions he has given in '98...he is doing fine and great and provides great feast to ur ears..if you have missed any of the songs listen to and enjoy. Lets have fun and compare your rankings of these songs with mine.

For open minded listeners who like to find out how well IR has done in '98, please listen to hese songs and find for yourself the pleasure we have had in '98.


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