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TMS could not shine in other Languages Why? TMS could not shine in other Languages Why?

Topic started by Jana (@ on Mon May 24 20:56:27 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

In the playback singing history, TMS has his own place. TMS is the only singer who could pronouce each and every tamil word so clearly. Even today we could enjoy the songs sung by him - Malarnthum malaraatha, Enge Nimmathi?, Manithan Maarivittaan. While he sung more than thousands of songs in Tamil, he did not shine in other Languages - especialy in Telugu. But the Tamil Film Music Industry has always respected the talented singers from other regions like Ghandasala - the most revered singer in Telugu PB Srinivas to name a few. TMS has sung few telugu songs, but he is not even know to them as we know Ghantasala.

I am opening this thread to discuss as to why TMS could/did not establish his name in other regions. Please share your views and comments


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