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Carnatic songs/ragas in Malayalam movies vs Tamil movies Carnatic songs/ragas in Malayalam movies vs Tamil movies

Topic started by Isai Rasigai (@ on Fri Aug 13 11:03:38 EDT 1999.
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Hi All:

I find that Malayalam movies use pure carnatic ragas more than any other South Indian language movies and it seems to have a very good reception in the Mallu land.. When you hear some of those songs, like the ones in His Highness Abdullah, Bharatham etc, you feel like listening to them over and over again! Why is it that we do find those many songs in Tamil movies? I dont mean to say we do not have any. Is it that the Tamil audience are not receptive to such kind of music or is it that they are not trying it out in the right movies? In movies like Sindhu Bhairavi, a music based subject, IR had used a lot of classical ragas... but mari mari ninne song is originally in Kambodhi and was tuned in Saramathi for this movie? Why is this? Why do we have to change the form and shape of songs in Tamil movies? I am pretty sure a movie like His Highness Abdullah would have been a mojor hit even in the Tamil film industry with the kind of music it had in it... Comments please....


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