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Can any one mention atleast one orginal song of Deva?? Can any one mention atleast one orginal song of Deva??

Topic started by JoJo (@ on Mon Oct 11 11:43:28 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am sure there are some friends there sharing my openion. Up to now, deva has never made any original music( we know that?). If you are keen you can trace the music back and end up in a old music (or old, present western or khana music). It is not just IR that he is copying; it starts from some poor khana musicians and goes up to western musicians. The skill of Deva is to mix very nicely others' tunes. (I like all songs. I really enjoy some of the khanna songs- the problem is I know the original ones and I am sure he has not composed any of the khana songs). Deva, sure made some nice songs that all of us might have enjoyed.


OK. Now the point is this:

Can any one mention any song that they think that is something original from deva:

I give some examples

Pull veli pull veli

Mottu mottu malaratha mottu

thanga magan indru singa nadai pottu
and so on

all khana songs from the movie 'indu'

(they are not original-)

I need the help from those friends I mentioned in the beginning in finding the originals.



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