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Politeness and this forum Politeness and this forum

Topic started by Ramki (@ on Fri Oct 30 21:41:00 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

They look like antonyms to me.THe forum,which had once been a playground of fun filled people,happniess,joy is now reduced to hatred,personal and verbal attacks.The attitude of certain people has literally driven some of our regulars here.Where are we heading to?If this trend continues i dont think this forum will be ever used for the main purpose it was created. We are here to talk about music,varieties of music,its creators,irrespective of who it is ,listeners.This forum is accessed and read throughout the world. SHouldnt we,people who come from prestigious universities,who are woring in respectable positions,show minimal politeness in
what we speak and what we write.But whats happening here is worse than 'kuzhaiyadi sandai'.I really feel ashamed and hurt to see this. SOme of us are really brutal.I dont want to cite examples,wait what the heck,once a srikanth had posted that he wanted to cut the throat of SUresh peters.I was shocked and was very sad to read that.You need not have to give respect for his talent but atleast he deserves some respect as a human being.WHat if suresh peter also reads the forum??Wouldnt he be hurt?If you dont like
an artist,keep it to yourself or say it diplomatically. We are not barbarians,we are all educated,talented human beings.Let us not slay each other with words.
Stop comparing people.Stop comapiring their works.
If you cant ,sorry to say,but stop coming here.

Ravi sorry for creating a melodramatic thread,but by the look of things here i guess you might even consider putting this thread in permanent section:)


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