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New project suggestion New project suggestion

Topic started by vimal (@ on Mon Jul 5 12:45:46 EDT 1999.
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Hi all,

I have been thinking of this for quite sometime. When we want to record some songs or search for a particular reason on a particular combination, we always post in tfmpage or other forums and try to get the list. After few months the link goes into archive and a newcomer again posts the same query etc.,
The project would help as information databse as well as for recording in cassettes.

How about creating(or compiling) through the joint efforts of TFM forum members to list all the songs in all the movies (as far as we all remember) with Singer(s),MDs,Lyricists,Movie Directors info.(I know this is available in tfmpage-ppp section and Kumar Venkat's page but you can get the songs only on movie name/song first letter basis). What I am suggesting is it should be possible to search the database and list the songs based on different combinations. The PPP and Kumar V lyrics page can be used as base-database and only query programs need to be developed. For e.g If I want to record songs of KJYesudas in IR or say SPB+SJ in IR's music or UnniK's songs in ARR or SPB's songs in Maniratnam's movies or Sjanaki songs with Vairamuthu lyrics etc., Hope you are getting the idea. The query output (with inputs as singers or movie names or dire.names or MD names or Lyricist names) should list the songs.. Now having the link to lyrics/real audio of those songs in the query output could be thought of in Phase-2.
I know it would involve lot of effort but I think it is possible with help from all TFM forum members...
Please share your idea about this and possibility. If this is already being started please do let me know. Thanks


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