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IR-back to Glory. OK, but when?? IR-back to Glory. OK, but when??

Topic started by Vimal (@ on Sun May 9 18:59:21 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hey Guys,
There has been one worrying factor lingering in my mind for many days. The number of persons loyal to IR is approaching zero. Someone had posted that even Fazil has left IR that crap movie-maker called Kalanjiyam has also ditched IR. What it all implies is we can't expect many movies from IR in future.

The probability that IR will work with ManiRathnam is near zero. KB, BR, have all left IR. Even Rajnikanth and not to forget Kamalhaasan.
So, whereand how is it all going to end?
I mean, we should not people like Deva even exist
in TFM!! How many of guys have bought a CD of Deva
with awe? I can bet it'll be near zero!

There is a degradation in TFM and the only way out
is IR joining hands with all these glorified people again. Any comments??

I'm also interested in knowing the background behind the bickerings between IR and all these people. I know we have many "FILM NEWS ANANDAN"s
in the forum. Guys, what happened?


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