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TFM lyrics translated to English TFM lyrics translated to English

Topic started by Rajesh (@ on Tue Oct 12 23:43:27 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

was wondering whether we can start a new topic on TFM lyrics in English. It may be funny like:

thotteduthu tolakki vaccha vengalathu sombu-amma

translated as:

Touch and take and clean and keep jug made of bronze -mummy

or something like:
En uyir thozhi kael oru sedhi
idu thano ungal mannavan needhi


My dear pal listen to my tale
is this the way your king does rule.

Basically, as much as possible we should stick to the original meaning of the song (if any ;-) ) and absolutely stick to the meter of the song.
Your comments please...


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