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Thaalam - Rhythmic Structures in TFM Thaalam - Rhythmic Structures in TFM

Topic started by Geetha (@ on Wed Jul 21 06:18:30 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I would like to see the input of our 'Konwledgeable' DFfers on the use of Thaalam in TFM, for example, in the song ORANJAARAM in Kaakai Chiraginile, by Ilayaraja, he has not only used the Raga Desh beautifully, but also set the song to MISHRA CHAAPU Thaalam, this is one of 7 beats, Thakitta ThakkaDhimi. This I feel is rare in songs, as mostly they are in Aadhi Thaalam(8 beats - ThakaDhimi ThakaJhanu), somethimes in Thisra Nadai(Thakitta - 3 beats). Ilayaraja has also used the KANDA CHAAPU Thalam in the song ALAI MEEDHU from Kadhal Kavidhai. This too was quite stunning.

I would appreciate your insightful comments and additions please. We may be able to compile a Thalam Database from this.


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