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Illaiyaraja's 800th Film (How soon?), IR and MSV's dramatic achievements Illaiyaraja's 800th Film (How soon?), IR and MSV's dramatic achievements

Topic started by Raja Sir, Superstar (@ on Tue Sep 29 00:23:54 EDT 1998.
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Music stalwart fans like Srikanth, Srinath, Sankar, etc. maybe knowledgeable of when IR's 800th movie is going to be released. Also, we can appreciate from these gentlemen what MSV's and IR's landmark achievements have been and are going to be. Like they worked together in how many films? How many songs IR composed max in one day? Which songs were dramatic to compose? What surprises they experienced? What did they miss? Where do they compose? I know IR does in Prasad studios, what about for MSV? When is IR's new studio going to be launched?


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