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Our great playback singer MANO Sir, is indeed a great singer with a kind heart and humble. Our great playback singer MANO Sir, is indeed a great singer with a kind heart and humble.

Topic started by Yamuna (@ on Wed Jun 10 02:44:48 EDT 1998.
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MANO Sir is really a great singer. Despite being
in such a great and top place ( I mean he was,
is and will always be a great singer, he is known as the best singer beside SPB), Mano sir is a very kind man by nature. He has a kind heart and very very humble. I met him in S'pore when he was invited to host a program in TCS. He was very nice and friendly to everyone. He doesn't choose people to talk. He was kind to all. Normally people like him, when they are at
a top place(like where Mano is now), they will be very proud and walking on air. But in Mano Sir's case, he is really different. He is really down to earth. I really respect him and I will always pray that Mano Sir will sucess to the very top. I love all his songs, no matter what he sings all his songs are really great. For me he is the best,
and his voice will always be in my heart forever.
You guys out there, what do you all think about Mano Sir ? Has anybody talked to him, if there is I'm very sure that you will agree with me. Do
share with me, whatever you have about Mano
Sir. I really like him a lot and would like to know
more about him.


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