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Combination Cassettes Available in Market today Combination Cassettes Available in Market today

Topic started by Ramani Raghavan (@ on Thu Jul 15 12:14:49 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

We get many combo audio cassettes these days. Eg., I bought Padayappa which came with a mive called "Harikisha's" or something like that..Have anybody heard the songs of this movie..especially the tunes are quite good...but KJY sounds aweful in the first song "Ponnaambal Pootha" (definitely out of tune..He also goes out of tune in another song " Ponney Poovin Kanney" (a remake/copy of the tune Saarey Jahaan Se Acha"..infact they sing the same Hindi verse in Hindi) In this song there are a few places when SPB is so good and KJY is going out of scale !! THere is also another classical song by Chitra, Unnikrishnan and KJY "Thamizhisai" this also there are couple of places where KJY does not sound good ! WHY !!

Have any of you guys noticed ? The tunes of this movies somehow seem similar to standard Malayalam tunes..Any clue ???


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