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IR without MV, PJayachandran, SPShailaja, Jency and TL Maharajan IR without MV, PJayachandran, SPShailaja, Jency and TL Maharajan

Topic started by Raja Fan (@ on Wed Apr 21 03:21:00 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

IR gave only his best songs to these singers. IR grew with these singers and then he faded away from them by having some of his gems sung by the likes of Krishnachandran, Mano, Hariharan, Deepan Chakravarthy, Chitra (to this day I don't understand how she is better than SP Shailaja!!!). What is the reason for IR to displace the great pillars of his early spontaneous musical days and keep permanent with singers like Mano, Hariharan, etc maybe difficult to understand for us. But it is possible that after the mid 80s IR did not want his precious old singers to sing his newer compositions which were becoming synthetic, artifical and plastic even though mind-boggling music. Can we go around and just discuss the beautiful times given by the MV,PJ, SPS,Jency and TLMaharajan not just for IR but also form MSV and others like Shanker-Ganesh also. Maybe we can trace a lot of the female songs that would have been better off sung by SPShalilaj and Jency. All I can feel is that IR's half his charm was lost when he stopped these memorable five. How much I miss these singers.


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