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Gavanikkap Padadha Paadalgal Gavanikkap Padadha Paadalgal

Topic started by Muralidharan (@ on Wed Mar 17 19:54:25 EST 1999.
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Hi all:

Many times we miss to notice certain songs which are too good, just because either the film goes for a flop or some other popular song in the film overshadows this one. Hearing such a song carefully will tell how superbly it is crafted. I will start with a couple of such songs :

1) Kanna Varuvaya (Manadhil Urudhi Vendum). The beginning humming itself is mesmerising. And the interludes are simply superb.
2) Chinna thayaval thandha rasave (Dhalapathi). Soga Rasam pizhiyum paadal. The tune of this song comes often in the BGM. The beginning, the interludes are too great! Its been a very long time I heard this song.
3) Keeravani Iravile Kanavile Paada Vaa Nee (Paadum Paravaigal). A beautiful one by SPB.


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