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The problem with Raja's BGM The problem with Raja's BGM

Topic started by Arvind Kumar (@ on Sun Jul 5 23:54:12 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I strongly feel that Raja's BGM is overrated. He does give excellent BGM, but the BGM is bit too much. In fact BGM should be used sparingly to get the best effect. BGM in hollywood films is used
seldomly and the effect is really good.

To give some examples of overuse of BGM by Raja:-

(a) Nayagan - the bell and flute music was repeated ad nauseum.
(b) Mouna Ragam - ditto with Shahnai music.
(c) Agni Nakshatram - the thunder like music whenever Prabhu and kartik
cross each other.

I can go on with many more examples, where the overuse of BGM kills the joy.
A question: Under whose jurisdiction does BGM lies. Is it Director's or Raja's fault to
overuse BGM.


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