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Why Tamilians are Fanatics? Why Tamilians are Fanatics?

Topic started by tamilkavi (@ on Wed Dec 29 13:12:05 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

We, tamilians are fanatics. We feel great guys are God. If we surf around this tfmpage, people already have made IR as a God, JJ is worshiped, MK is venerated and Superstar is super God. They are great achievers and unique in their style. They all are charismatic figures but are not God. Very few articles/forum really talk about the real greatness of their deeds. We simply say he is great or he is bad. IR is one of the best musicians. And so are RD Burman, SD Burman, and numerous local and international figures.

Everybody made their money by using us, the fanatics.

Is it wonderful being a fanatic? Does it not create any division? This simple factor ruins everybody's life. Politicians make merry by instigating this.

Should we not be careful in not brining this fanatic to what ever we write?


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