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TFM in 2025 !!!

TFM in 2025 !!!

Topic started by Genius (@ on Mon Sep 27 20:20:20 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

TFM in 2025..
For a change why dont we have some precience thoughts and see where u see TFM 25 years later??
For a change "IR Vs ARR Vs Deva" vin 'Aracha mavaye araikaamal', lets think different..

Do we see ARR, with (full grey hair) still in front of his synthesizers, composing the songs, with the same pace and style, just getting one movie a year and that too failing heavily in casette-sales???
Do we see IR (still alive???) just grabbing some selected opportunities and playing his tunes, like our MSV today???
Are we going to hate the music of the Top MD of 2025, the heart throbb of the future GenerationX
like how my dad despises ARR's stuff, admiring MSV and G.Ramanathans????
Are we going to stop listening to any music 25 years from now, with lingering tunes of IR and Co??
Would ARR chage his styles to site the future audience?
Would we be seeing another funny-looking whiz-kid, sitting in front of a Param-II supre-computer(sorry guys..a bit patriotic, do not want to mention any other super-computer..)creating music thru mouse clicks, with pre-recorded frequencies of different virtual singers??
Would the FielFare awards for the best Male and FeMale singer, be going to a computer software??
or to be optimistic,
Are we going see an era turn-over and see mridangam/veena/violin and table taking its roots back again???????
lots of serious thoughts?? wondering if i am going to stop listening to music, hearing the cacophony 25 years later???
Lets have some Serious/hilarious thoughts pouring in about "2025'il TFM" !!!!


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