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Topic started by Ramki (@ on Thu Jun 11 13:15:27 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Couple of weeks back PSuseela gave an interview to oli 96.8(Spore radios tamil cahnnel),The interviewer was Meenakshi Sabapathi,one of the best in Oli 96.8.
Interview aarambathilirindhe Psuseela sonna varthaigal'eankku tamizh seriya theriyadhu,enakku tamizh pesa varaadhu'. Meenakshi did her best to divert the interview but kili pillai madhiri PS
was reiterating the same words. This has hurt many of her ardent fans.Many rasigargal had called oli
in the past 2 weeks to report their disappointment
'tamizh naatiliye vazhndhu,tamizhile 40 varushama paadi tamizh varalengaranga appidinna edhukku tamizhile paadanum'
'avangalukkaga neenga aen Meenakshi samaalikkireenga'
'tamizh varavittal kooda adhai thiruppi thiruppi sollanuma'

idhu pole niraiya vimarsanangal.

It could be true that PS cannot speak in tamizh,if so then why did she accept for the interview?Was she thinking that the interview is going to be in telugu or english??
'tamizhukku amudhendra per'endu paadiya paadagikku tamizhe theriyaadhendru Bharathidaasanukku therindhaal...:paavam migavum varutha pattirpaar.

What do you people think about this interview?


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