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What is AR Rahman's undisputedly BEST composition??

What is AR Rahman's undisputedly BEST composition??

Topic started by Maran® Subramaniam (@ on Wed Nov 3 19:05:46 EST 1999.
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What is AR Rahman's undisputedly BEST song ever, and what is his WORST composition? Songs like PUTHU VELLAI MALAI from ROJA and PUTTHAM PUTHU BOOMI VENDUM from THIRUDA THIRUDA has a funny way of clinging on the back of your mind, just like the evergreen KANNALANE and UYIRE UYIRE from BOMBAY...not to mention THENDRALLE THENDRALLE from KAATHAL DESAM and ANJALI ANJALI from DUET. So which is his BEST and WORST?!!!


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