What are the benefits of preloading on bearings

wallpapers Products 2020-12-16

What is bearing preload? Generally, rolling bearings have a certain amount of clearance under working conditions. However, in order to achieve a specific purpose, when the bearing is configured, a certain internal load is applied to the bearing through a certain adjustment method, and the bearing is used with negative clearance. This method of use is called preloading.


What are the benefits of preloading on bearings? For rolling bearings, proper preload can bring the following benefits:


1. Improve rotation accuracy

After the bearing is preloaded, the internal clearance is eliminated. Each rolling element bears a certain preload and supports the ring from all directions, which can improve the rotation accuracy, make the shaft position correctly in the axial and radial directions, and improve the rotation of the shaft Accuracy, such as machine tool spindle bearings and measuring instruments.


2. Improve stiffness

The rolling elements and the raceway are all in elastic contact, and the rolling elements can be regarded as springs. bearings with clearance are supported by only a few springs in the force direction. The preloaded bearing is supported by springs in all directions and has a certain preload. The number of rolling under load is more than when there is a game, so the rigidity can be improved. In a ball bearing, the relationship between the contact deformation of the ball and the channel and the load is nonlinear, and as the preload increases, the contact stiffness also increases.


3. Improve bearing life

After preloading, the number of loaded rolling elements increases, and the load on each rolling element decreases. At the same time, the load can be evenly distributed on each rolling element, so the life of bearings can be improved.


4. Improve bearing damping and reduce noise

Preloading can form a stable oil film between the rolling elements and the raceway, improve the damping between the rolling elements and the raceway, and can improve the dynamic characteristics of the support structure and reduce noise.


5. Improve the dynamic performance of angular contact ball bearings

In high-speed rotating angular contact ball bearings, proper preload can prevent the steel ball from rotating, prevent or reduce the slip of the steel ball, and can also control the slip of the steel ball.


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