Bearing radial clearance detection

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According to the functional characteristics of the bearing and the difference in working conditions, after selecting the appropriate bearing type, it is necessary to check the bearing regularly. These inspections include specifications and machining accuracy of bearings and assembly parts, lubrication quality, and whether the parts are worn or not.



After inspecting the bearings, you should also perform the following tasks.


First, clean the bearings. One thing to note is that bearings with sealing equipment can save the cleaning process because cleaning will affect the internal structure of the bearing. The intrusion of foreign matter will affect the normal use of the bearing; second, the monotonicity of the bearing must be maintained. For bearings that need to be cleaned, the bearings must be dried after cleaning the rust inhibitor on the bearings, otherwise, it will easily cause the bearings to rust; the third is to adhere to the degree of lubrication.


In addition to checking the bearing equipment, the radial clearance of the bearing should also be tested. Radial clearance mainly includes the original clearance of the bearing under natural conditions, the matching clearance that causes the original clearance to change after the bearing equipment, and the actual working clearance formed under the action of temperature and load. Since the size of the radial clearance directly affects the operating temperature, vibration and service life of bearings, it is particularly important to detect the radial clearance of bearings.


How to measure the radial clearance of different bearings?


1. The measurement of radial clearance requires the use of special instruments to measure objects as much as possible. When there is no special instrument at hand, you can use a feeler gauge and other tools to measure. When using a feeler gauge for measurement, it should be noted that the previous method of rolling on the feeler gauge should not be used for measurement. When using the manual measurement method, this method has higher requirements on the measuring instrument, and this method is prone to errors, so it is generally not recommended.


2. For multi-row bearings, the clearance requirements for each row are very high, and they must all pass.


3. During the measurement, make sure that the roller of the bearing falls into the bottom of the groove. Bearing radial clearance detection.


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